Bullpen sets record

History was made, but not extended for Florida’s bullpen on Sunday afternoon.

In the Marlins’ dramatic 7-4 victory over the Nationals, the bullpen extended its scoreless-innings streak to 24 straight innings, which establishes a franchise record.

Twice before the pen had logged 23 2/3 innings of scoreless relief.

But as soon as the record was set, the streak snapped in the following frame. Leo Nunez in the bottom of the eighth inning allowed one run. At the time, it put the Nationals ahead 4-3.

— Joe Frisaro


It is great to see the bullpen perfoming at such a dominant level. I think a lot of Marlins fans were a little apprehensive about the ‘pen when the year started. But they have proved everyone wrong so far.
As far as winning streaks go, is the team record 8 or 9? I think it’s 8, and the last time they accomplished that was in 2006 in Baltimore. If you get a chance, could you tell me if that is right? Thanks

got a ? for you — Joe Frisaro who is the odd man out when proctor comes
back is it penn ? i hope not I think he has found a home with the marlins
and wiley has fix him and he has found his Confidence and i think he
wont make it through waivers the pen has been great and carroll has been great off the bench i am a fan of the hayden penn trade.

It’s weeks away from Proctor’s return. So it would be impossible to speculate. Usually, injuries and wear and tear happen along the way. Roster moves like that tend to sort themselves out.

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