Saved by the can

Cody Ross discovered a benefit for smokeless tobacco on Wednesday night.

The right fielder learned it purely by accident and it literally hit him directly in the can.

In the seventh inning against the Braves, Ross was hit by a Peter Moylan pitch, squarely on his left back pocket. But taking the sting out of the 88 mph fastball was the fact Ross had an empty can of Skoal in the pocket.

So instead of leaving a bruise, Ross said he had an imprint of the circular can. Reporters took his word on it when he joked about the incident after the game.

While Ross does’t dip tobacco, he was given the can by Hanley Ramirez for good luck. 

Players try pretty much anything when they aren’t hitting. Ross, off to a .115 start through eight games, has gone with his pant-legs down and pant-legs pulled up thus far. On Wednesday, Ramirez chipped in with the advice to put the can of Skoal in his back pocket.

It didn’t help him get a hit during that at-bat, but it saved him sporting a mark.

— Joe Frisaro

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