Volstad hot and cold

On the mound, Chris Volstad was on fire on Tuesday night. In the dugout, he was pretty cold.

The game-time temperature was 56 degrees, and it got colder at Turner Field as the night went on. Still, Volstad worked seven terrific innings in beating the Braves, 5-1. The 6-foot-8 right-hander allowed three hits and gave up one run.

A Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., native, Volstad isn’t used to cold weather. So in between innings, he huddled by the heater in the Marlins dugout.

“It’s cold to me. I was sitting near that heater the whole game between innings,” Volstad said.

Yet, when he pitched, he didn’t wear long sleeves. Instead, he had the three-quarters sleeves under his jersey.

“I can’t throw in sleeves,” Volstad said. “Growing up in Florida, I never had to. I’ll throw in short sleeves. I throw in short sleeves, no matter how cold it is.”

Asked if he had to pitch in the playoffs in October, Volstad joked about maybe having to wear two jackets.

— Joe Frisaro 

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