Marlins playoffs facts vs. fiction

Did the Marlins buy their 1997 World Series title? What were the sizes of the crowds at Dolphin Stadium for Florida’s playoff games?

Regarding both these questions, sometimes the fiction doesn’t match the facts.

As a quick refresher, here are some facts to ponder.

Lets’s start with the ’97 payroll. Critics say the Marlins that year, “bought the title.” Well, let’s look at the numbers and you can decide.

According, the ’97 Marlins indeed had one of the top payrolls in the Major Leagues. But if you say they “bought it,” then the teams they beat also were trying to buy it too.

Here’s the top five payrolls in ’97: Yankees ($73,389,577), Orioles ($64,611,399), Indians ($58,865,056), Braves ($53,111,000) and Marlins ($54,465,000).

In the — did you know — category, the Red Sox had the 15th highest payroll that year ($40,611,351) and Mets were 17th ($34,985,330). Then with 28 teams, the A’s ranked last ($12,879,889).

Secondly, in a look at Marlins playoff attendance. Let’s look at 1997 and 2003.

Here’s the home crowds in ’97:

NLDS vs. Giants: Game 1 — 42,167; Game 2 — 41,283.

NLCS vs. Braves: Game 3 — 53,857; Game 4 — 54,890; Game 5 — 51,982.

WS vs. Indians: Game 1 — 67,245; Game 2 — 67,025; Game 6 — 67,498; Game 7 — 67,204.

A look at 2003 playoffs:

NLDS vs. Giants: Game 3 — 61,488; Game 4 — 65,464.

NLCS vs. Cubs: Game 3 — 65,115; Game 4 — 65,829; Game 5 — 65,279.

WS vs. Yankees: Game 3 — 65,731; Game 4 — 65,934; Game 5 — 65,975.

— Joe Frisaro




I’m sick of arguing with the trolls on blogs that comment that the Marlins don’t have any fans because of the low numbers of people who attend games. I have heard that the TV ratings for Marlins games are some of the highest in the MLB. Is that true?

Is there anywhere where online that the TV ratings for each game are listed?

Some numbers I saw last year had the Marlins TV ratings as high as seventh in all of baseball. I will check into the TV ratings for future reference.

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