Boni-fast-io impact

Much is being made of Emilio Bonifacio’s blazing speed, and for good reason.

Finding players that fast on a baseball field is rare. On Monday night, after his inside-the-park home run, Harold Reynolds on the MLB Network referred to Bonifacio, “Usain Bolt.”

Maybe Bonifacio isn’t ready to challenge Bolt for the title of “Fastest Man on Earth.” But the Marlins third baseman certainly is in the discussion for “Fastest Player in the Major Leagues.”

In talking with one scout, it was revealed that the game is shifting away from the pure burners. That’s because the league is looking for the players with speed and power. That’s why players like Cameron Maybin are first-round picks.

There are questions as to whether Bonifacio will hit enough to be an every-day player. The Marlins certainly are hoping so. But Bonifacio is not a power threat.

More of what the league is looking for is the next Carlos Beltran, who has game-changing speed to go along with power.

Typically players like Bonifacio are looked upon to be either center fielders or second baseman, unless they are ultility players.

Bonifacio is a natural second baseman who is playing third base because he is blocked by Dan Uggla.  

— Joe Frisaro

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