Fearless forecasts for '09

Opening Day is always filled with optimism, so keeping with the upbeat spirit of the day, I’m going to glance into my crystal ball and make some bold predictions for the season.

The picture is a bit hazy for now, but here is what I think will come into focus:

* Jorge Cantu will be selected to the NL All-Star team.

* Jeremy Hermida will have a strong year.

* Cody Ross will pace the team in home runs.

* Ricky Nolasco and Josh Johnson will each win 20 games. Ok. Ok. That’s getting a little too carried away. On second glance, both will win 15.

* The pitcher who will top the team in wins? Chris Volstad (18).

* Emilio Bonifacio will swipe more than 50 bases.

* At the trade deadline, the Marlins will acquire Ivan Rodriguez from the Astros.

* Logan Morrison will make a big contribution after the All-Star Break.

* The Marlins will be celebrating their third World Series championship. This time in the new Yankee Stadium. (Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?)

— Joe Frisaro

1 Comment

Celebrating another title on the Yankees field would be sweet! And against Girardi no less!
I definately can see the Marlins making the playoffs this year. As long as the defense improves, they can hit and pitch with the best of ’em.

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