Camping out in Port St. Lucie

Some leftovers from a busy Saturday morning:

* Manager Fredi Gonzalez said if Emilio Bonifacio makes the team, he likes the speedster in the leadoff spot.

* Matt Lindstrom will throw off the mound again on Sunday. If Lindstrom opens the year on the DL, he can be back-dated to March 27, and be eligible to play for the first time on April 11. There was some confusion on the back-date, which I reported yesterday as March 28. Instead, it is March 27.

* Alfredo Amezaga took some ground balls in the morning, his first drills since being sidelined with a left knee sprain. Infield coach Andy Fox saw Amezaga moving around and said he looked good. Amezaga is expected to miss most of the first month of the season.

* Wes Helms suffered a bruise to his left leg on Friday against the Orioles. It came on a play where right fielder Cody Ross tried throwing out a runner at first base. Helms was involved in a collision. He is fine, but was held back in Jupiter on Saturday.

* The Marlins are looking for an emergency catcher. John Baker and Ronny Paulino will handle the duties. But if a third catcher is needed, there isn’t a logical choice. The past few years, Mike Jacobs and Josh Willingham had catching experience. No one fits the bill this year. Wes Helms could be a candidate.

Left-handed throwing Cody Ross was asked in the dugout, and he said he’d try it.

— Joe Frisaro


Do they really need a 5th catcher. It is very rare that 2 catchers get hurt in 1 game.

You need an emergency candidate in case of the fluky situation where two catchers go down. Granted, it never really happens, but then again, you never know. A few years ago, Mike Mordecai caught like eight innings because of they were in an emergency situation.

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