Paulino, lefty bullpen help?

Ronny Paulino has a track record of being a starting catcher, which is one reason why the Marlins aren’t discounting bringing the veteran in as an insurance policy for John Baker.

Word out of the Phillies camp is Paulino will be the odd man out in their catcher mix. So he could come at a cheap price.

For now, his name is being considered. Whether he is the right fit the team will ultimately decide. With the Pirates in 2007, he appeared in 133 games and had 11 homers, 55 RBIs and hit .263.

The Marlins are ready to go with either Mike Rabelo or Brett Hayes as the backup.

Adding catching depth is an organizational priority, but so is attracting left-handed relief help.

Dan Meyer, Renyel Pinto and John Koronka are in the mix. Two of the three will make the team, unless the Marlins look elsewhere. Odds are, they will.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez on Friday didn’t rule out looking at the waiver wire.

— Joe Frisaro


I just sent a message to the mailbag but I don’t know when you answer that and I don’t know if you’ll even see my question so I want to ask it here. And since this isn’t, maybe you’ll be more open to answering it.

I just saw PTI where they talked about Hanley. Supposedly, Hanley was walking through the clubhouse with a sign on his chest which read “I’m sick of this s***”. If I heard correctly, it was a sign and not him saying it aloud. Either way, it seems Hanley was pretty upset. They also reported that Hanley later said everything was fine. Can you PLEASE shed light in this situation? Why was Hanley so upset? And do you think everyone is really “fine” now?

lacfm41, if you go here you can a whole article about what happened with Hanley. I believe it was just hanley letting of some steem in a “playful” way. I think everything is fine.,0,7304813.column

And on the Paulino thing, i wouldnt mind him backing baker up. I think i would actually prefer him to rabelo.

Hey danny305mia, I’m with you – I would not mind having Paulino as a backup to Baker. I hope the Marlins pickup someone to help Bake out – don’t get me wrong I’m glad the team is sticking with Bake, but I would like an MLB proven catcher because I seriously doubt Rabelo, Davis, or Hayes are ready to be a major league catcher let alone a hitter.
As for lefty help, I’m comfortable with Meyer, Pinto, and/or Koronka, but I think the team needs at least another lefty reliever. I doubt Tankersley will be ready for a while, but I would like insurance in the bullpen as well as backup catcher.

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