Moves on the horizon?

It didn’t take long for the Ronny Paulino situation to resolve itself. Indeed, Paulino was the odd catcher out in Philadelphia. While the Marlins didn’t dismiss the prospect of bringing him in, they didn’t pursue him that hard either.

On Friday night it was announced that Paulino was dealt to the Giants for lefty reliever Jack Taschner.

Taschner, meanwhile, fit the bill for what the Marlins were looking for, a lefty with big league service time.

With so few catching options out there, expect the Marlins to go with Mike Rabelo or Brett Hayes as John Baker’s backup.

Other catching candidates who project to be available include Adam Melhuse, who isn’t part of the Rangers plans.

There isn’t much out there, barring trying to make a significant trade.

The Marlins appear to be in the market for a veteran left-handed bat off the bench to serve as a pinch-hit, spot starter option. And lefty relief help is high on the list.

— Joe Frisaro


Hey Joe, any idea on who the team is looking at as a left-handed veteran? I know this is a long shot but is there any thought of Luis Gonzalez? I know I read before that Luis is looking to start or DH – do you think his mind has changed because he is still not signed and it is sooo close to Opening Day?

Are the Marlins dead set on carryng 2 lefties in the ‘pen to open the season? When Tank had his problems last year they lived with just Pinto. Obviously Renyel has control issues from time to time…but Dan Meyer and John Koronka each have career ERA’s over 6.00. Is there any chance the Marlins will break camp with an extra righty like Martinez or Badenhop and just leave Pinto as the lone lefty? I would hate to see a roster spot be given to a subpar pitcher just becasue he is left-handed when there are more capable right-handers to take his place.

Did you have a good night out Joe? Giants trade for Paulino and turn him round to us. do the Phillies have a policy of not trading within the NL East? Is there some Front Office animosity between the Marlins and the Phillies? did the GMs get bored during a hiatus in other developing situations and put this through to see who was paying attention?

Pray tell Mr Frisaro.

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