Bonifacio turning heads

Don’t discount Emilio Bonifacio winning the starting third base spot.

It’s no coincidence that the 23-year-old has more at-bats than any Marlin thus far in Spring Training. Right now, his numbers aren’t overwhelming .250 average in 60 ABs, and a .297 on-base percentage.

But in recent weeks, he’s been hitting the ball better, and the team is giving him every chance to develop into an every day player.

There are a couple of reasons why the club would like for him to succeed: Foremost, he is a quality defender, and secondly he has the type of speed that can change a game. Then there is the fact the Marlins traded two established players — Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham — for him. So they’d like for him to be more than a reserve.

A lineup that includes Bonifacio, Cameron Maybin and Hanley Ramirez is something the team thinks can cause havoc to opposing pitchers.

If Bonifacio is at third, Jorge Cantu will move to first base. Wes Helms would back up both spots.

— Joe Frisaro



I’m sure there’ll be some complaints about a guy who doesn’t put up typical 3rd base numbers in that position, but we have a 2nd baseman putting up 3rd base numbers, so why not have a 3rd baseman with 2nd base batting characteristics?

I like Cantu at 1st base. If you subtract what he cost us defensively at 3rd last year from what he contributed offensively, you get someone who is not really up to Big League Standard. Just my opinion. Maybe they can trade him in June when Morrison is bored with demolishing AA pitching:-)

Mr. Frisaro, do you moonlight as a psychic? After this post, Bonifacio tore it up today! Can I get a palm reading sometime?
To ukphil: I have said the exact same thing all spring and could not agree with you more. Since the Marlins have enough power to go around in their lineup, we could live with a defensive specialist that hits in the .260-.270 range at third base.

I was laughing myself when Bonifacio went wild on Thursday. Told the editor of my story, it’s nice when the player makes you look good. To a sports reporter, today was like hitting a pitch on the sweet spot of the bat and watching the ball sail a long way. Sorry, I don’t have psychic powers, just blind luck sometimes. Thanks for the comment.

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