Public hearings underway

The public hearing portion of the Miami-Dade County commission meeting lasted three hours, and 91 people spoke.

The room was packed, and this process will last a few hours. Many of the same people who spoke last Thursday at the city of Miami commission meeting talked in the open forum.

The latest is the vote could be around 10 p.m. So a long night is ahead.

The city passed the stadium by a 3-2 vote that day.

Thus far, the number of those speaking in favor of the stadium have out-numbered the opposition.

A few minutes ago, city of Miami commissioners entered the chamber.

The funniest moment of the hearings came when a supporter spoke up, and did a not-that-bad impersonation of Marlon Brando, Sly Stallone (as Rocky) and Ronald Reagan. He then quoted Tommy Lasorda.

The most tense moment came about 2:30 p.m ET when a group against the stadium caused a disruption in the room. They chanted “real jobs!” now and were escorted out of the room and told they cannot return.

— Joe Frisaro

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