Marlins stadium passes

Miami-Dade County commissioners on Monday put to rest more than a decade quest by voting in favor of a roofed ballpark for the Marlins on the Orange Bowl grounds. Commissioners cast two separate votes. First passed, 9-4, and the second came back, 10-3.

Since winning the World Series in 1997, three separate Marlins owners have sought a baseball-only facility. Now that will become a reality. The next step is moving toward breaking ground by July in hopes of getting the building open by 2012.

From the time they entered the league in 1993, the Marlins have shared Dolphin Stadium with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

The new park will have a retractable-roof and seat 37,000 on the Orange Bowl grounds in the Little Havana section of Miami. Major League Baseball has worked actively on the stadium effort, and there are indications that in a few years after the stadium opens, an All-Star Game will be awarded to the market.

— Joe Frisaro


For a long time I seriously thought I might never live to see the day I could read those words. I have just one to add:

This is a great day not only for Florida Marlins fans but also fans of baseball. Baseball is here to stay in south florida and this is a long time coming.

I watched some of the voting on and I was worried for a while, but more and more people talked about all the good that the new stadium will bring to South Florida and I started feeling a little bit more at ease. Tonight I’ve been searching for what the vote ended up to be – and I’ve been a fan of the Marlins since 97 (when I was 12), and I cannot believe that this deal is finally done. I will be able to take my kids to see the same team that I loved watching when I was young. Thank you very much Miami, for saving baseball in South Florida!

Just a glance at how great the future looks for the Marlins: yesterday they throw a Spring no-hitter and today they get their stadium! What greatness!

Its finally happened. Joyful news.

Ownership and the Back Office have been true to their word since November 2005, and now its time to build a stadium and the team that will play in it.

Maybe Beinfest will have just enough resources to realise his ambition to create a dynasty ballclub. This is the most important event of 2009 for the Marlins already. Now for making more fun news all the way to October.

I read in the Herald that the parking structure will have 6,000 spots. Is that right? Are they going to expect thousands more people to park around the neighborhood like people used to do for football games at the Orange Bowl?

I think its pretty sad when the community is held hostage by a private industry like Baseball to use tax payer money to build them a freaking stadium.
Its a sad state of affairs when people care more about having a baseball stadium that will cost over 600 million dollars to create 1300 temporary jobs instead of using that money to improve our county services.

Anyone that agrees with this stadium financing either is an total moron that cares very little about his community and county or is on the Marlins payroll and will get some kickbacks.

With all the money baseball teams and owner have why can’t they build it themselves?? Its a total joke and the commissioners that voted for this atrocity should not be re-elected.

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