Stottlemyre on Lindstrom

Matt Lindstrom’s strained right rotator cuff is a touchy point for Team USA.

Lindstrom felt some stiffness in his shoulder during his bullpen session before he entered Sunday night’s game in the eighth inning against the Netherlands.

Team USA bullpen coach Mel Stottlemyre said the Marlins closer didn’t say a word. Eventually, Lindstrom was lifted, and an MRI revealed the strain, and he is in a no throw period for seven to 10 days.

The injury likely will cause him to open the season on the disabled list.

“He didn’t give us any indication that anything was bothering him at all,” Stottlemyre said. “I feel really bad. He didn’t say anything. Of course, he wanted to go out there and compete, but we felt real bad. Hopefully, it’s not anything serious.”

A concern is when a player doesn’t speak up before he takes the mound.

“It’s one of those things you try to safeguard against as much as possible,” Stottlemyre said. “Make them realize that even though the competition is really fierce, they’re still at a stage in Spring Training where their arms are still building. It’s been a tough job for [Team USA pitching coach] Marcel Lachemann to try to reach a fine point. You want them to do well out there, and at the same time protect themselves, because they still are in Spring Training.”

— Joe Frisaro

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