Roster scenarios

Anyone thinking the Marlins roster is set should think again.

For now, I will take a look at the position players, and here are some scenarios that may happen to improve the club defensively. Let’s say Gaby Sanchez isn’t ready to secure first base, and he opens the season in the Minor Leagues.

If that happens, look for Jorge Cantu to move to first base, and Alfredo Amezaga could become a starter at third base. If the team got really bold, it could consider switching Hanley Ramirez to third base and using Amezaga at shortstop. That move may actually make the most sense, but selling Hanley on the idea could be tough.

So let’s say Ramirez stays at shortstop — which probably would be what happens — then Amezaga and Wes Helms could be a platoon option at third base. That scenario would arise if Dallas McPherson isn’t on the team.

For the team to improve defensively, it makes sense for its best defensive player — Amezaga — to see more playing time.

If Amezaga becomes a starter in the infield, then look for Robert Andino to make the team, filling in the utility role that has belonged to Amezaga. Andino is out of options, and many believe he will not make the team. I am not convinced Andino will be packing his bags before Opening Day. 

Just some things to think about.

— Joe Frisaro 

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