Camping out Wednesday

Worth noting from camp on Wednesday:

* Because Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco were scheduled to throw four innings each on Wednesday against Italy, relievers got in their work on the back fields. Logan Kensing threw to batters on the back field Wednesday morning to get in his work.

* In Saturday’s B Game against the Orioles on field two at Roger Dean Stadium, Ryan Tucker will start.

* Upcoming rotation: Andrew Miller (Thursday) against Orioles at Fort Lauderdale; Chris Volstad (Friday) against Red Sox in Fort Myers, and Sean West (Saturday) against Orioles at Roger Dean Stadium. Former Marlin Josh Beckett is starting for Boston on Friday.

* Minor League camp opens on March 9, which is around the time the team will begin making some cuts.

— Joe Frisaro




Hey, how about Logan Morrison. 2 for 2 including a double. Being a few thousand miles away I don’t get to see anything not on MLB TV or, but I’ve been drawn to Morrison’s numbers particularly in the AFL and his MVP season at FSL Jupiter. Is he the real deal? Could he be the best 1st baseman in camp? Would he have the discipline to bat 2nd when Baker is sitting out the necessary 50/60 games? I know he doesn’t have traditional 1st baseman power (not yet anyway) but we have that in non traditional positions already.

Logan Morrison is rising fast. He’s one of my sleepers to make the Opening Day roster. Because he doesn’t have Double-A experience yet, that may be a stretch. But his bat may not keep him in the Minor Leagues too long.

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