Jupiter or Wrigley?

Welcome to the friendly confines of … Roger Dean Stadium?

Sunday was a day of extremes at the Marlins-Cardinals game. The temperature was a sunny and steamy 83 degress when the first pitch was thrown. By the time the game ended — a wild 14-10 affair — the conditions dipped to 67 degrees, and winds swirled at 19 mph.

The balls were flying all over the place. In all, the te

Both teams combined for 33 hits — 20 by St. Louis. Brian Barton of the Cards had two homers and drove in six.

Jeremy Hermida of Florida homered and hit a double.

The game experience reminded of Wrigley Field.

“Windy and tough today,” manager Fredi Gonzalez said. “I don’t want to use the conditions at all, for anything. You still have got to throw strikes. We didn’t do that at the tail end of the game.”

— Joe Frisaro 



That’s a lot of runs for a pre-season game!


the wind was blowing and the temperatures dipped dramatically. Sunday did have that Chicago feel.

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